Maintaining A Gas Fireplace

This time of year brings very cold nights and a blowing wind producing a chill outside and into our homes.

Our gas fireplace is often our best defense against this chill and it can be so comforting for our families and friends. Have you arranged your annual gas fireplace maintenance appointment? If not, we urge you to book an appointment with a certified professional  as soon as possible to keep your family safe and your gas fireplace running efficiently.

maintaining a gas fireplace - Cumming Home Heating & Cooling

What Happens During A Maintenance Call?

When maintaining a gas fireplace the Cumming Home Heating & Cooling technician will first look at the exterior – ensuring the glass is not chipped, cracked, or dirty, and examine the framework, checking for dents or debris. They will also look at the interior gas ignition under the log structure to make sure it is lighting properly. The technician will also check the log set to make sure it is not deteriorating in any way, and inspect the valves and connections under your fireplace or insert. 

The technician will check that your fireplace’s heat output is efficient, and clean any residue that may be blocking any ports or vents. If there are any repairs that are required the technician will provide you a clear description of the concerns and advise you of the recommended course of action.

what happens during a maintenance call - maintaining a gas fireplace - Cumming Home Heating & Cooling

Cleaning The Fireplace Glass

Use a proper gas fireplace glass cleaner — using a traditional glass window cleaner with an ammonia base is not recommended. It can have an adverse effect on the glass surface and ruin the aesthetic of your fireplace. If you have any questions regarding cleaning or generally maintaining a gas fireplace our technicians will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with some experienced advice.


If You Observe Any Of The Following, Your Gas Fireplace Needs Servicing:

  • An egg-like (or sulphur) odour coming from the fireplace
  • Soot or creosote building up on the log
  • Trouble turning on the fireplace
  • Pilot light won’t stay lit
  • Funny looking flames
  • Glass is discoloured


Every fireplace or insert should be cleaned annually. Safety is always number one when it comes to enjoying a roaring fire in your living space. By maintaining a gas fireplace and having an annual inspection, you ensure that your beautiful fireplace is running safely and at peak performance. Call Cumming Home Heating & Cooling Customer Service at 905-235-2904 today to schedule your maintenance service.