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“Doesn’t old fashioned quality customer service sound nice ?”

Featured in the Advocate, The Banner and The Era Newspapers

era-bannerNewmarket-Aurora’s own Cumming Home Heating & Cooling should be the first call you make if your furnace is making funny noises, you’re looking to install an outdoor built-in BBQ this summer, your hot water tank doesn’t seem to be producing hot water, or you know the value of preventative maintenance checks.

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Keep your indoor air warm and moist this winter

Featured in the Advocate, The Banner and The Era Newspapers

banner-auroraWhen winter arrives, many Ontarians prefer to take their lead from bears and other hibernating animals, opting for indoor pursuits and leaving the snow and ice for the winter sports enthusiasts.

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Furnace inspection now can save you money later

Featured in the Advocate, The Banner and The Era Newspapers

advocateDo you want to be caught in the cold this coming winter? In your own house no less?
Chris Cumming of Cumming Home Heating & Cooling says annual furnace checks will ensure your furnace is running efficiently.

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Come Gather Round The (Backyard) Campfire

Featured in the Look, Local Newmarket Magazine

Fire1 Whether you’re an outdoorsy adventurer or prefer a fancy all-inclusive resort, enjoy “roughing it” in the wilderness or lounging in a comfortable cottage, many can agree that the highlight of any relaxing getaway is gathering together in the evening to relax, chat and share some stories, often in front of an inviting, crackling fire.

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Facts About Indoor Air Quality

We have been consumed about saving energy in our homes. Our efficient homes have become buttoned up so tight today as if it were preparing for a storm. The storm has manifested itself as indoor air pollution. Even though one may not have noticeable irritating symptoms, this silent and invisible menace threatens the quality of indoor air in homes every day.

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Carbon monoxide can poison and kill with little or no warning!

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the leading cause of fatal poisonings in North America. Exposure to high concentrations can cause death in just a few minutes. Having no smell, taste or colour, in today’s world of improved insulation and double glazing, it has become increasingly important to have good ventilation, maintain all appliances regularly and to have absolutely reliable detector alarms installed giving both a visual and audible warning immediately if there is a build-up of CO to dangerous levels.

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Natural Gas Pool Heater Buying Tips

Taking the time to choose the right size pool heater will save you money in the long run. A pool heater that is too small but had a low purchase price can end up taking much longer to heat your pool than a correct sized unit.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips Video

Watch this video on the home page of the website from Carbon Monoxide Kills. This is very interesting and important information everyone should be aware of.

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