HVAC Protection Plans That Have You Covered

The Smart Choice For Protecting Your Home and Budget

Enjoy peace of mind and comfort in your home with Cumming Home Heating & Cooling’s HVAC Protection Maintenance Plans. When you buy a furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or another piece of HVAC equipment, you are making a serious investment in your home and comfort. Our HVAC Protection Plans can help you save money on unexpected repair expenses.

HVAC Protection For All Makes And Models

With Cumming Home Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plans you can get coverage for just your furnace to ensure your winters stay warm, or for a full array of products including: Furnace, Air Conditioner, Water Heater, Boiler, Fireplace, Heat Pump, HRV, Split Ductless System, & Unit / Space Heater.

Our HVAC protection plans include:

  • Plans cover parts and labour
  • Coverage Up To 20 Years
  • $0 deductible on all approved claims
  • HVAC Protection Plans available for new or existing equipment
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Heating & Cooling Systems Coverage

New Equipment

  • 5- and 10-year plans available (concurrent with first year warranty supplied by the manufacturer).

  • Extended plan must be purchased within 1 year from the date of installation.

  • Extended coverage begins after 1 year.

  • Extended coverage includes parts and labour.

  • Each policy has a $0 deductible on all approved claims

Eligible Equipment

  • Furnace

  • Heat Pump

  • Water Heater

  • HRV

  • Split Ductless System

  • Air Conditioner

  • Boiler

  • Fireplace
  • Unit / Space Heater

Existing Equipment

  • 1-year plans available

  • Some equipment must be 10 years of age or less. Please call for details.

  • Furnace, Air Conditioner and Boiler coverage applies to equipment 20 years of age or less.

  • Coverage begins immediately following pre-inspection / cleaning

  • Plans cover parts and labour

  • Each policy has a $0 deductible on all approved claims

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