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Jumping into a freezing cold pool is shocking to the system. Even during warm summer days, pools can get quite cold from night and shade. A pool heater is the answer to how to maintain your pool at the perfect swimming temperature. At Cumming Home Heating and Cooling, we service and install all major brands of pool heaters.

Pentair provides the world with leading water solutions and technical products. Our flow technologies keep the water moving. Our filtration systems keep water clean. Our pool and spa solutions make water fun. And our technical products keep us connected and safe.

Raypak® offers a complete line of residential and commercial products, from residential gas-fired pool heaters, through large commercial atmospheric boilers and water heaters, to condensing, high-efficiency, power burner boiler and water heating products.

Jandy is a leading manufacturer of swimming pool and spa heaters and pumps.

The average life of a pool heater is 6-8 years. If not well maintained a pool heater may last as few as 4-6 years. Protect your investment.

  • Maintain proper pool chemistry and extend the life of the pool heater; improper chemistry can damage the heater.
  • Improper ventilation in pool cabanas can lead to carbon monoxide build-up, which not only can potentially damage the pool heater but also poses a serious danger to the health of your family and friends. Ensure ample unobstructed airflow into and out of the structure.
  • Rodents can nest atop the heat exchanger, causing a fire. Before you start the heater, request a spring service.
  • Do not store chemicals near the pool heater.
  • Make sure if your pool heater is on a wood floor that it is certified to be installed there. If it’s not certified for use on a combustible base you are risking a fire.
  • Always install pool heaters as per the manufacturer’s instructions and to all gas and electrical codes. Keep your summers fun and safe!

We service and install pool heaters in York Region; Aurora, Bradford, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, Keswick, King, Maple, Markham, Mount Albert, Newmarket, Pottageville, Queensville, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Unionville, Uxbridge, Vaughan, and Woodbridge.

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