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Looking for heating or air conditioning in Aurora? Our expert HVAC team at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling is at your service. If your Aurora furnace or air conditioning unit simply needs a tune-up, or you need to replace it altogether, you can trust our expertise to help you choose the best options for the ultimate in home comfort. We sell only the most reliable and energy-efficient brands of heating and air conditioning units; however we can repair all makes and models – even those we don’t sell. And we don’t stop at furnaces and air conditioners: we also specialize in fireplaces, BBQs, outdoor fire features, pool and spa heaters and pumps, hot water heating systems, and gas line installations. Whatever your Aurora home comfort needs are, Cumming Home Heating & Cooling can look after you with expertise and professionalism.

About Aurora

Aurora Ontario HVACLocated in central York Region with a population of about 53,000 people, Aurora is one of the smaller cities in the Greater Toronto Area within the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario. However, just 40 minutes up highway 404 from Toronto, Aurora is considered York Region’s most desirable place to live, for many reasons.

First, the overall quality of life in Aurora is superior compared with Toronto, based on higher average wages combined with lower cost of living. Second, employment is bountiful in Aurora if you don’t relish the 40-minute commute into Toronto every day. Huge corporations like Amazon, Canada Post, Bulk Barn, Royal Bank of Canada, Magna International, Loblaw Companies Limited, and Canadian Mental Health Association all have major locations based in Aurora. Shopping is very unique in Aurora as well, with a thriving locally-sourced retail sector. Aurora is also bordered by two amazing lakes: Lake Ontario to the south and Lake Simcoe to the north, each with lots of opportunity for recreational activities. Aurora proper boasts over 700 acres of open spaces, 5 golf courses and 45 parks. Arts and culture also abound in Aurora: Theatre Aurora showcases at least 5 productions each year, and is run entirely by volunteers; and Canadian Children’s Theatre offers performing arts programs for future stars of all ages. All of these amenities combine to make Aurora one of the most sought-after places to live in Canada.

Some of Aurora’s most popular local destinations include:

Cumming Home Heating & Cooling is the first call you should make when you need heating and air conditioning service or repair in Aurora.

Aurora HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Services We Offer:

Aurora Furnace Installation

Aurora Furnace installation and maintenance, money saving tips, furnace tune-upsOntario winters are cold. Trying to get through the winter months with a furnace that’s not running at peak performance simply isn’t an option. If your furnace is over 10 years old, makes loud or unusual noises, or struggles to reach a warm temperature, it may be time for a replacement. We know home heating, and can recommend the very best high-efficiency furnace for your Aurora home. We provide free estimates, installation of your new furnace and removal of your old one. If the chill of winter has left you a little frosty in your own home, call us for help! Learn more about Aurora Furnace Installation.

Aurora Furnace Repair & Maintenance

Maybe all your current furnace needs is some loving attention to help it run at peak performance again. If you notice unusual or louder-than-normal noises, clicking during operation, a burning smell, or your furnace simply struggles to reach a comfortable temperature, a repair call is in order. We service every make and model of furnace on the market, even if we don’t sell it ourselves. Don’t wait to call in the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for furnace repair — maintaining your unit regularly now will save you money in further damage down the road. Learn more about Aurora Furnace Repair & Maintenance.

Aurora Air Conditioning Installation

Aurora Furnace Air Conditioner Cumming Home Heating & Cooling - products and servicesAs cold as winters are in Aurora, the summers can be just as hot. Add in the southern Ontario humidity and it makes for very uncomfortable living if you don’t have air conditioning. We can recommend the best energy-efficient unit for your home, provide a free estimate for installation, install your new unit and remove your old one. We sell only the best, most reliable, energy-efficient air conditioning units for your home comfort. You won’t be disappointed when summer hits and you can escape the heat and humidity of our Aurora summers by retreating to your cool, comfortable home. Learn more about Aurora Air Conditioning Installation.

Aurora Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cool air anymore, or is making loud or unusual noises during operation, it’s time to call in the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling Aurora. Our repair technicians are experienced, certified, licensed and trained to perform repair service on all makes and models of air conditioning units. We treat these repair calls as an opportunity to educate our customers about their unit, in layman’s terms, by explaining exactly what we are doing and why, and we provide guidance on how to properly maintain your unit in between service calls, saving you money down the road. Learn more about Aurora Air Conditioning Repair.

Aurora Fireplaces & BBQs

A beautiful gas fireplace can provide an elegant, warm focal point for any home. We carry a variety of decorative options, so you can customize your indoors for comfort, safety, and long-lasting value. Or perhaps it’s time for a new BBQ to enhance your Aurora backyard. Whether you are looking for a propane, natural gas, or charcoal BBQ, or wish to expand your grilling experience to include a smoker or ceramic cooker, we have it all. Come talk to the experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling for your gas fireplace or outdoor BBQ needs. Learn about Aurora Fireplaces & BBQs.

Outdoor Fire Features Aurora

A backyard getaway isn’t complete nowadays without an outdoor fire feature. An outdoor fire feature can create the same environment in your backyard as a gas fireplace creates indoors. From elegant to modern to rustic, and even tiki torches, we have the design you are looking for to enhance your Aurora backyard oasis, and we provide full installation and sales. Talk to our experts today. Learn more about Aurora Outdoor Fire Features

Aurora Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

You may not realize, but the air we breathe inside our homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. Not only can clean indoor air have a huge positive impact on your health, it can also make a difference in your energy bills. Purifying the air in your home and maintaining proper humidity levels contributes to a more energy-efficient home environment, resulting in lower overall energy costs. Call Cumming Home Heating & Cooling Aurora for expert advice on your home’s air quality. Learn about Aurora Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

Gas Line Installation Aurora

Installing gas lines is not a project to undertake yourself. You need certified, licensed and trained professionals for safe gas line installation work. Call in our technicians at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling to do the job. We provide gas line installation and service in Aurora for stoves, barbecues, pool heaters, HVAC systems, indoor or outdoor gas fireplaces, or any other gas line projects you may have. Consult the gas line installation experts at Cumming Home Heating & Cooling today. Learn more about Gas Line Installation Aurora.

Hot Water Tanks Aurora

At Cumming Home Heating & Cooling we are always looking at new and sustainable ways to preserve our earth’s supply of fossil fuels, while continuing to provide superior, energy-efficient home comfort for our customers. We believe we’ve struck a perfect balance with our lineup of hot water tanks and heaters. By partnering with industry leaders, we demonstrate our commitment to both environmental sustainability and energy efficiency for you, our valued customers. Call us for more details. Learn more about Hot Water Tanks Aurora.

Aurora Pool Heaters

If you have a pool, you want to be able to use it as long as you can throughout the summer. But without a pool heater, the water can get very cold from shade and night time, even during the hot summer months. At Cumming Home Heating & Cooling we carry a premium lineup of pool and spa heaters and pumps to help maintain the perfect swimming temperature. We then help protect your investment with regular maintenance. Call us for details on all these services for your Aurora pool or spa. Learn more about Aurora Pool Heaters.

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