Some of our best memories include the family sitting around the fireplace playing board games and sipping a warm drink. There are many benefits of a gas fireplace in your home.

Benefits Of A Gas Fireplace

A beautiful focal point in any room, fireplaces are available in a wide variety of styles and designs to meet your tastes. They can be installed in any room regardless of size and location. They are easy, convenient and versatile.


A gas fireplace does more than look great. It provides a consistent source of heat. This provides comfort no matter what you are doing and you do not have to concern yourself with logs, especially during the colder months, or overnight. Using a gas fireplace is more energy efficient – it has been said it will save you up to 25% on your heating bill.

Modern Gas Fireplace - benefits of a gas fireplace - Cumming Home Heating & Cooling

Modern Gas Fireplace

One of the best benefits of a gas fireplace is that when using gas you have a clean fireplace. There is no ash, soot, smoke, or residue in the chimney or on the hearth. An almost maintenance-free fireplace, it is ideal for any room in your home. Simple to use, a gas fireplace requires only a flip of a switch, and requires no chopping or lugging of firewood.

There is no open flame so the likelihood of a house fire is lessened, and gas is safer for the environment because no fumes or other particles are released into the atmosphere. There is no smoke produced that has been known to irritate eyes, cause difficulty breathing, and permeate the fabrics in the room. If you have an existing wood burning fireplace it can be converted into gas.

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Modern Gas Fireplace

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